Author: Ford Huniford | Published: 08th August 2011 | RSS | LINK

I’m crazy about these rustic gems. They’d be perfect in a cabin or a lake house or you could take them in another direction and frame something colorful and modern with them. They’re from the early 20th century and would add just the right note if you’re going for something rustic in your design. – Ford Huniford [...]

Author: Ford Huniford | Published: 03th August 2011 | RSS | LINK

I’m a big fan of two-tiered tables because they have such interesting profiles.  This late 19th century table with branded casting at the base is a perfect example. – Ford Huniford Check it out.

Author: Ford Huniford | Published: 01th August 2011 | RSS | LINK

These lamps are a great example of one of my favorite aesthetics–industrial utility object paired with an elegant shade.  I love the juxtaposition between the two and think these look fantastic in pairs. – Ford Huniford Check them out.