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There’s a nice piece on NY Inc about the Signature Residences designed by myself and Celerie Kemble. – Ford Huniford Check it out.

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Just a quick shout out to Modern Destiny, which had really nice things to say about my designs for my beach house.  Modern Destiny is a really great site with lots of fun content about design and fashion. – Ford Huniford Check it out.

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Check out this great post that was featured on the blog You Have Been Here Sometime.  This is a really thoughtful design blog, and in this post, they compared one of my philosophies to Sol Lewitt’s.  Great company to be in! – Ford Huniford Check it out.

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Luxist is now part of Stylist, so one of my favorite design sites has a new home.  Here’s a piece they did on my designs for the Manhattan House Signature Residences. – Ford Huniford Check it out.

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Just wanted to share the Huniford Design Studio space from this year’s Design on a Dime.

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There is a great article on the salon I designed for Marie Robinson, whose clients include Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway and Uma Thurman, in today’s issue of Women’s Wear Daily.  The article states “…blue and gray-washed wood floors,  huge windows looking east and west and various nooks and sections that aim to make the modern, [...]

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My most recent commercial project was a salon for Marie Robinson’s in New York’s Flatiron District. Dossier Journal featured the salon in their current issue calling it “optimistic, fresh and pretty”. Take a look at the article here.