Huniford Design Studio is pleased to have our Bond Street Loft project featured in Casa Vouge Brazil.

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Rustic and sophisticated, coverage imposes personality

Impact photographs, a windmill chunk and even a meditation room display elegantly in the Manhattan penthouse


The address is noble, Bond Street in Manhattan. But the mix inside this American penthouse gives even more impact: part of a windmill is displayed on the terrace wall; Rustic furniture in organic wood formats gives weight; blue velvet and pieces specially designed for him collaborate with the look of strong personality. The project is from Huniford Design Studio .

Do not think of clichés, there are intelligent contrasts there. In the hall, which precedes the stairway to the second floor of the penthouse, the huge collection of black and white photographs gives slight movement to the wall and highlights the chandelier.

In the living room, the impact is greater. A series of photographs in frames made by Julio Bittencourt dialogues with sofas, side tables and lamps designed by James Huniford - the designer in front of the studio that bears his name. Colors follow a purpose, which seems to be James' philosophy - finding the sensitivity of a design, making it unique and being true to its concept to the end.

Designed as a spa, the bathroom has a cedar tub with wall hangings, which take everything out of the ordinary, beneath a chandelier made of stained glass.

At the top of the penthouse, the garden has a small enclosure surrounded by glass - it is the meditation room, rather than conducive to disconnecting from the metropolis below. At the same time, spaces of contemplation and intense connection with the green make clear that the inhabitants give importance not only to the visual, but also to the energies that compose the environments.

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